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Health & Safety at Maviro

EHS at Maviro

At Maviro, safety is not just a goal or priority; it is a core value that is fully ingrained into every facet of our organization. In other words, it’s not just something we do—it’s an integral part of our culture—it’s who we are.

From who we hire, to the companies we choose to do business with, safety is at the core of every decision that we make. As such, we believe in, and promote, a zero-accident philosophy, and we possess a deep-rooted conviction that people are our most valuable asset.

Executive management’s commitment and support for safety is obvious through not only words, but through actions. This commitment flows down and is evident at all levels of the organization. Each Maviro employee is empowered with the authority to stop work and intervene if an unsafe act or condition is observed.

We don’t just follow industry best practices—we improve them. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the latest, top-tier technology and equipment to not only enhance efficiency, but to ensure the safety of our employees and clients.

By rigorously tracking and measuring our safety performance, we regularly look for innovative ways to make our safety processes as simple and straightforward as possible.

Maviro understands that the health of both the environment and the public are equally as important to consider as the safety of our employees. Our team strives to eliminate any impact of our operations on the environment to provide safe and healthy working conditions for our employees and the communities where we work

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Service Applications

People are #1

Health and safety of people is the entire company’s top priority.

Process ImprovementJUY-303JUY-303,PPPD-475PPPD-475

Regularly evaluate and learn from past and present business activities.

Lead the Industry

Conform to industry-leading codes of practice.

Exceed Expectations

Surpass the standards of local environmental laws and regulations.

Reduce & Reuse

Improve the efficient use of energy while minimizing waste streams and emissions.

Top-Tier Design

Provide custom engineering and solutions to meet our customers’ every need.

Continued Education

Participate in ongoing training to eliminate risks and environmental impact.

Operational Excellence

Ensure that a systematic review and reporting program is continually implemented.


All levels of management and employees are held accountable to maintain a safe work environment. All teams are expected to actively participate in meeting the aforementioned principles and abide by the spirit of such objectives in carrying out their respective responsibilities.


Avetta qualifies supply chain partners in every major industry worldwide, including industrial services. They make contractor prequalification manageable and pain-free for their customers. Maviro is proud to be part of the Avetta pre-qualified network.


Browz has been providing supplier qualification and management solutions since 2001. They pride themselves on their team being an integral part of their qualification process. Maviro, and every other qualified supplier, has been personally reviewed and vetted by a Browz team member.


ISNetworld helps industrial service companies, like ours, streamline reporting processes and improve safety performance. Maviro clients benefit directly from our partnership with ISNetworld.


CQNetwork specializes in contractor management systems. Maviro uses their platform to monitor, assess, and manage all our contractors; ensuring everyone in our team meets our quality standards.


Using Intelex, a cloud-based software, we're able to closely manage environmental, quality, and regulatory compliance, ensuring consistency and safety throughout every project.


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If you have a question about Maviro’s safety processes and procedures, don’t hesitate to contact our safety hotline.

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